Community Orchard Planting
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Community Orchard Planting

Saturday, 12th January 2013


This was the first of the 24Acres projects to reach fruition.

David Thomas, as well as leading the whole 24Acres activities was project leader for the Community Orchard with lots of help from his team, notably Graham Lingley.

The main tree supplier was the East of England Apples and Orchards Project - and we are delighted with what was supplied.

Other suppliers were Ashridge, Deacons Nurseries and Keepers.

Ultimately, the Big Tree Plant agreed to provide some of the money (as well as supporting our Avenue of Limes) with ECDC (via their Small Villages Grant) providing the rest and we thank them both very much.

The planting day duly arrived . . . .



1. A virtually empty field - with some practice planting in place


2. Andrew Trump brought the trees in his horsebox and confidently drove it onto the field pulled by his Skoda (would you not have thought he'd have used a car?). It duly got stuck.


3. We were all very grateful to Jason who came along and pulled it out.


4. Andrew was sent away to dig holes . . . .


5. Jon and Catherine Cane with children David and Kathryn


6. Sarah Mollart and Marcus Waithe from Snib End


6. And here they are again, this time with Jo Riches and daughter Lily


7. The Goodchilds Martin and Joss planting their Idared Dessert Apple


8. Debbie Lingley gives the post some grief . . . .


9. Gareth - got all the stuff, now looking for the appropriate hole . . .


10. David Thomas posing with daughter Freya


11. And now joined by Juliet Vickery - with Bob Proctor in the background . . . .


12. Helen Oliver and Andrew Towers


13. Lois Baker from the National Trust who had a huge positive influence on this project


14. Lily Steed paddling in the mud . . . .


15. It was a really happy family event . . . .


15. Lots going on - with a weird bloke on the left who was a close contender in the silly hat competition . . . .


16. A big contributor to this venture is Graham Lingley on the left - with Andrew Trump who was also an important part of the team


17. Kate Day, Jamie Shackleton and son Ben with Gareth Davies and Leslie Boyle


18. Yvonne and Derek Coombes with their Victoria Plum


19. Andrew Towers with son Harry


20. John Reed - whose involvement in this whole project so far has been immense - thank you John


21. Nick Acklam - having planted 60 trees on the Swaffham Road keeps in practice on the 24Acres


22. Richard and Danuta Gibson who live close by the 24Acres


23. Ross Clark - nice clean hands - so who did all the work Ross?


24. The Redfarns . . . . but where is Buffy?


25. There she is . . . . !


26. Graham Lingley (see photo 31 dialogue) with Bob Proctor


27. Lesley Boyle was in charge of refreshments - sadly a gin and tonic was not available . . . .


28. Andrew Trump with daughter Alice - not sure the sharing of responsibilities is optimal . . .


29. Having done all the work, Alice finishes off the tree planting


30. Dafila Scott with Tim Clutton-Brock and their Dessert Apple Pitmaston Pineapple

31. Finished!

32. Finally - job done and huge thanks to David Thomas - who also came second in the closely fought silly hat competition, with Graham Lingley coming first . . . . see photo 26