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There are a number of good internet service providers for the village, with one of them being Air Broadband, who took over the community run Reach and Swaffham Prior Community broadband (RASP) network, and have just finished a wide ranging series of technical upgrades. Air can provide you with speeds of up to 30 Mbps (megabits per second). They also offer synchronous tariffs with 10Mbps download and upload, suitable for small businesses. Existing RASP customers can keep their old service and pricing , or upgrade to the new, faster options available.



We are very grateful that this website is hosted for free by Airbroadband.




Speed Checker

If you are interested in checking what broadband speed you have then click on this link and then "Begin Test".

BT has its own speed-checker which shows more detail, including the IP profile for your landline, which is the maximum download speed you can get. To check this, click on this link.