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The aim of the calendar is to publicise local events and encourage you all to take photographs of what is a truly lovely village. In addition, profit from the sales of the calendars will be used to support village events - accounts will be kept and signed off each year.

The 2018 Calendar is going to be somewhat bigger than previous ones and all the pictures in it, including the cover picture, will be A4 Landscape size - so an aspect ratio of 7:5. The picture below is the right size based on these crieria:


So please get your pictures to David Parr - either via email or memory stick with the deadline being Monday October 30th. The pictures will be judged independently by the Regina Reycheva who ran the siccessful photography course in the village this year - the rules are:

  • The pictures must be taken by a Reach resident
  • The pictures must be of Reach
  • They can have been taken at any time - it does not have to have to be recent
  • The aspect ratio should be 7:5 (or the picture needs to be suitable to be cropped to that size)

We only print a limited number and many are already reserved - so please get in touch as soon as you can if you would like to purchase one (£6.50 each) - we can always print more if the demand is there.

David Parr

744081, 07887 563720 or davidmparr[at]