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When you travel abroad you need some foreign currency and this can be provided from a number of sources, including the Post Office.

On top of that, you expect to use your credit card and that is when it gets expensive. You will see on your bill a pretty poor exchange rate and then a cost for carrying out the foreign exchange transaction.

Last time I travelled to the USA I looked into this and then worked with a company called FAIRFX. These guys seem to do what they say and give you a fair exchange rate. They will supply you with cash, delivered to your house within 24 hours, but also will provide you with a USD$ or Euro credit card that you can use in these currency zones.

For the credit card, you will need to deposit money initially which you then use up and at any time, on-line, you can top it up.

If you have any left at the end and you do not plan a further trip in the future, then you can retrieve the balance.

Anyway, enough said, I thought FAIRFX were excellent - if you want to check out their website and compare their rates please click on this link.