Diamond Jubilee Graden Party
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Diamond Jubilee Garden Party

Monday, 4th June 2012


The weather was kind to us and it was a truly lovely day

We still have a few tea towels to sell - click here to have a look . . . .


1. Setting up - workers Neville Dunnett, Karen Carpenter, Sue Elliott and Claire Halpin-McDonald with management Keith Lambert and Glenn Newman


2. Young Harry Oliver-Towers sorting out the bunting


3. The wonderful Kate Garner - she was absolutely superb, click here for her website


4. Karen Carpenter with Garden Party El Supremo Jo Mules and Lesley Boyle


5. Karen Carpenter with Jo Redfarn - loads of red, white and blue - and teeth


6. Lizzy B facepainted loads of people for 3 hours, click here for her website


7. Sarah Keutgen with husband Robert and Lance Miller


8. Over 300 people enjoyed the day




10. The Ceilidh Band was the highlight of the day - everyone loved it, click here for their website


11. Emma Mitchell being face-painted - I'll get your tea towels to you shortly Emma . . . .


12. The view from Hill Farm


13. Jo Riches thinking "OK Fungus Face - are we dancing or what?"


14. Martin and Joss Goodchild with Martin's Mum and Shaun Mayes


15. Gareth Davies throwing up(?) - Lesley Boyle looking suitably sympathetic


16. Robert and Sarah Keutgen - nice pants Robert


17. Dancers who you will mostly recognise with new pub owner Catherine Gibson in the middle plus daughter Eleanor. On the right you can see Sue (with the microphone) who was an absolutely superb caller for the Ceilidh Band.


18. Blucks, Blocksages and Clare Snaith


19. Lizzy B was an excellent face (and hand) painter


20. There's always one - and its always the same one . . . .


21. Steve Brown - MD at Armtrac on the Burwell Road. Steve bought a whole pile of our Rowan trees and many thanks go to him for this.






24. Dylan Steed with Canadian cousin Taro McMillan


25. Andrea Carmichael - looking lovely as ever


26. Tom McDonald with friends


27. Cliff Parr with doggy


28. Sue and Tony Jordan with Janet and Andrew Hall - plus a bloke with a pint at the back


29. Jo Redfarn and Nadine Huckle from Burwell - seen those pants before in the background . . . .


30. Jo Redfarn with daughter Jemma and Sue Bailey - plus the bloke with the pint at the back again


31. Daisie Miller and doggy


32. Liz and Jan Tabecki with Andrew and Jo Trump - and the bloke lurking with his pint again - its Cliff Coulson who was one of the Barbie Boys


33. Kate Bjork and Andrea Carmichael - what a lovely pair!


34. Kate and Andrea again - now joined by the shy and retiring Clo Bateman


35. Ceilidh dancers


36. More Ceilidh dancers


37. Elizabeth Parr


38. Ailsa Mather clearly on a different planet (they are just Rowans aren't they?) with Jo Riches and husband Rob (and Claire Halpin-McDonald resting in the background)



The following photographs are courtesy of Claire Halpin-McDonald


39. Robert Keutgen having fun with Ailsa Mather (where's the wine glass Ailsa?)


40. Ah, there it is - the global wine share price has recovered!


41. Alice Lingley and Imogen Trump


42. Alice Lingley and Maisie Snaith


43. Debbie Lingley and daughter Alice with Trish Brown saying her prayers on the left and Julie Bentley and Lily Steed on the right


44. Violet Keutgen and Daisy Miller


45. Loads of people dancing . . . .


46. Andrew and Helen


47. And now they are dancing - what a lovely pair


48. Andrew and Janet Hall


49. Big Dan Mules and Clo Bateman (centre) "dancing"


50. Ray Folkes (centre) with Joyce Harrison and Ray's wife Anita


51. Daisy Miller with Hector Keutgen


52. Dan Mules in his weekend gear.

Big thanks go to him and his wife Jo for their donation of raffle prizes - and to Jo for being the Project Leader of the whole thing.


53. Barbie Boys Ray Bateman, Dan Mules and Sean Manchett


54. David King (left) and Zenida McDonald (right)


55. David Parr with Eleanor Williams and her husband


56. David Parr loves Tony Barrett - TRUE!


57. Debbie Lingley (centre)


58. Dylan Steed and Harry Oliver-Towers playing it cool


59. Evie Mitchell (left) with Kathryn Cane


60. Dozy do'ing?


61. Catherine and George Gibson - grateful thanks go to them for providing the lovely Rowan trees


62. Karen Carpenter and Grahame Radford going for it


63. Tony and Sue Jordan


64. Hands up if you're enjoying yourself . . . .


65. Hazel Lingley and Jodie Halpin-McDonald


66. More dancing . . . .


67. Sue Bluck and daughter


68. Janet Collins watching - with Else Pieter


69. Janet Hall with her Mum Joan Tompkins


70. Jo Mules dancing with Dad Tom


71. Jo Mules's parents Tom and Pat


72. Jodie Halpin-McDonald


73. Village games . . . .


74. Jen and John Holmwood


75. Ross Clark dancing with daughter Eliza


76. Joss Goodchild with her mother in law


77. Karen Carpenter dancing with Ditchfield newcomer Michael Napier


78. Kathryn Cane (centre) with Evie Mitchell (right)


79. Lesley Boyle with Mum Ruby


80. Lesley (greedy-guts) Boyle


81. Lily Steed at the front with Trish Brown (left) and Julie Bentley ducking and diving (no change there then Jules)


82. Maisie Snaith and Alice Trump in the foreground


83. Ditchfield newcomers Emily McIntosh (baby due in August) and partner Michael Napier


84. The kids all enjoyed the dancing - Olivia Mules is the lion on the right


85. Dunno how she managed to take this one of herself - a multi-talented woman indeed!


86. Robert and George Tucker


87. Mandy and Sean Manchett - grateful thanks go to them for their hamper donation - 10% of the proceeds went to the Help for Heroes Fund


88. Gradually the grown-ups joined the dancing - as did I . . . .




90. Simon Jarvis with partner Dawn Bentley and their daughter Daisy


91. Getting towards the end now - everyone starts joining in


92. Come on guys - CHEER UP!


93. You should know all this lot by now - except the bloke in the middle, Dan Mules's Dad Keith - and great thanks should go to Pam King (far right) who organised all the chairs - and also thanks to John Reed who helped get them here and back


94. All is fun now - with some people wishing they'd started dancing earlier in the day . . . .


95. In out, in out - shake it all about . . . .


96. Cheeky Chappie Tony Barrett again


97. More dancing - everyone is well happy


98. The Clerk seems ready for some fun


99. The last dance . . . .


100. Mrs Carpenter - I couldn't possibly, you're a married woman!

101. Kathryn Cane and Evie Mitchell