Royal Wedding Garden Party
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Royal Wedding Garden Party 2011

Friday April 29th 2011


It was a lovely day, when the village celebrated the wedding of William and Kate.

Other than for the barbecue, all the food was supplied by Lanes Bakery in Burwell - and it was lovely.

I've tried to identify as many people as possible but please let me know if I've got it wrong or missed someone's name.


2. We were entertained by the Hannah Horton Jazz Trio who were excellent. Here you see Hannah (no its not a hat, its the Big Wheel). Should you wish to know more about them, please go to - we can recommend them very highly.
3. Sue Bailey, one of the organising committee plus helpers Shannon, Hilary Fielding and Shaun Mayes. The "Mugs Money" meant it came from the sale of the memento mugs, it didn't mean you'd failed some kind of intelligence test.
4. You can always rely on Dennis Millard to join in the spirit of things.
5. Two of our over 80's - Bill Estall and Joyce Harrison.
6. "Barbie Boys" - Cliff "Uncle Albert" Coulson with Tony Barrett and Dan Mules (doing what he does best).
7. Sean Manchett - another Barbie Boy with Ray Bateman at the back. There is a caption competition for this picture with my entry being "if you make me pose for any more pictures I shall shove that camera where the sun doesn't shine".
8. It got tense at the barbecue - as Charles Mosely demonstrates . . .
9. Penny Lang
10. Jen Holmwood
11. Clo Bateman
12. The kids loved the fairground rides and we are indebted to Perrets who provided them free of charge. To learn more about Perretts please go to
13. Hannah Perkins (daughter of Jo Mules) and Anya Tabecki
14. Lily Steed - "me, me, take a picture of me!"
15. Jo Riches and Dylan
16. Clo Bateman (again) and Jo Redfarn draped in the flag
17. Jo Trump with daughter Alice
18. Janet Collins and another of our over 80's Else Pieter
19. Tricia Brown with her guests Julie Bentley and Alison Small
20. Malcolm Brearley with a doggie
21. Sarah Keutgen gazing quizzically at . . . .
22. Robert Keutgen - or maybe his burger (these were purchased from Hurrells and were wonderful).
23. Judie Dench (sorry I mean Marie Bambrick) with Jo Riches
24. One of Gayle and Michael Whittingham's 4 month old identical twins (Alex or Thomas) - she told me which one at least twice but I've forgotton!
25. Juliet Vickery and Tony Jordan
26. Rob Steed and Tom McDonald
27. Emma Mitchell and daughter Rose
28. Stella Bluck with her Dad Les and his mother Jane
29. The decorated Chairman of the Village Centre, Andrew Towers with John Holmwood
30. Peter Bridgeman with wife Jenny, son Freddie and Alice Trump
31. Helen Platt and Angela King
32. Martin Feehan has been telling Mandy Manchett all about his beloved Everton - she is clearly enthralled . . . .
33. Andrea Carmichael with Clo Bateman (yet again!)
34. Karen Carpenter and Ann Jennings
35. Leigh-Anne Turner and daughter Ella-May
36. Barbie Boy Tony Barrett serving a customer while Martin Goodchild waits
37. Sean Manchett on camera AGAIN (he loves it really) - presenting the generously donated Manchetts hamper to Sarah Keutgen's sister (who was celebrating her birthday). The raffle generated £258 for the village - grateful thanks go to Mandy and Sean and Manchetts.
38. Barbie work successfully completed, the boys begin to relax . . . .
39. Dan Mules - just about to attract Alison Short's attention . . . .
40. Dave Newman and Kate Bjork outside the Dyke's End with Kate's son Rian
41. The landlord of the Dyke's End with his faithful manservant Simon Owers
42. Around 300 people came along to the event
43. All the children (18 and under) and our more senior villagers (80 or over) were presented their memento mug by the royal family who had nothing better to do.

It was a wonderful day - one to remember.