Snowfall in Reach February 2012
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Snowfall in Reach - February 2012

Saturday, 4th February 2012


The snow was well predicted with an "amber alert" across many parts of England. It started falling early evening and carried on until the early hours. As ever, in Reach, both grown-ups and children looked forward to the beauty of newly fallen snow and enjoyed themselves immensely.

The igloos (piccies 36 and 37) are superb.


1. Ewen Cameron's comeuppance with Ben, Dan and Emilia Knight, Gwilym and Theo (courtesy Jo Redfarn)
2. The angel that is Dan Knight (courtesy Jo Redfarn)
3. Blackberry Drove (courtesy Jo Redfarn)
4. The Hythe bridge (courtesy Jo Redfarn)
5. The Hythe from the bridge looking west (courtesy Jo Redfarn)
6. The Point from Chapel Lane (courtesy Jo Redfarn)
7. Heavy Haw frost at The Point (courtesy Jo Redfarn)
8. Emilia Knight, seeing the funny side of a direct snowball hit from one of her brothers (courtesy Jo Redfarn)
9. The Redfarn and Knight family walk in The Woods. L-R Laura, Emilia, Tanya, Andy, Ben, Paul and Dan (courtesy Jo Redfarn)
10. 21 Great Lane (courtesy Jo Redfarn)
11. Reach Woods - Buffy Redfarn enjoying the Haw frost (courtesy Jo Redfarn)
12. Hannah Perkins and Olivia Mules (daughters of Jo Mules - courtesy Jo Mules)
13. Olivia Mules (courtesy Jo Mules)
14. "Its clucking freezing!" (courtesy of Joss Goodchild)
15. Lily Steed in Reach Wood
16. Here we get to see the more sensible members of the Riches Steed family
17. Violet Keutgen enjoying the snow
18. Helen Oliver (luvverly hat!) and Emma Mitchell plotting violence
19. A view from the Manor House roof
20. And again . . . .
21. Hornbeam on the Hythe
22. Delph End Cottage looking lovely
23. Nice coat!

24. Just before I arrived with the camera, of the group, there was one person working and three watching. So who was the worker and who quickly grabbed a shovel? The mugs of tea are a clue . . . .

25. The Fair Green looking picturesque
26. The Dyke's End - cold outside but a warm welcome within
27. One of the many snowmen constructed - guess whose?
30. Alice Lingley (back), Kathrine Cane (middle) - with Jodie Halpin-McDonald leading the way and being watched by Cliff Parr and daughter Elizabeth (courtesy Emma Mitchell)
31. One of the older children enjoying herself (courtesy Emma Mitchell)
32. Rose Mitchell looking very colourful (courtesy Emma Mitchell)
33. Bored with throwing snowballs at the poor Parish Clerk, Gwylim Davies teamed up with Theo Clark in constructing a snowman (courtesy Emma Mitchell)
34. Andrew Towers (frozen stiff?) and Katie Cameron (courtesy Toni Dennis)
35. Jem Dennis (courtesy Toni Dennis)
36. Jesse Dennis - wonderful igloo! (courtesy Toni Dennis)
37. Jem and Jesse Dennis - really well done! (courtesy Toni Dennis)
38. Denise Melville and Rosa (courtesy Toni Dennis)
39. Jodie Halpin-McDonald and Teddi (courtesy Claire Halpin-McDonald)
40. Beautiful swan! (courtesy Claire Halpin-McDonald)
41. Jodie Halpin-McDonald (courtesy Claire Halpin-McDonald)
42. Jamie Shackleton (courtesy Claire Halpin-McDonald)
43. Harry is enjoying himself - not sure about his Mum, Helen Oliver (courtesy Claire Halpin-McDonald)
44. Alice Lingley, Kathrine Cane with Evie Mitchell(?) squeezed in between (courtesy Claire Halpin-McDonald)
45. Cliff Parr on his handmade sledge (courtesy Claire Halpin-McDonald)
46. Emma Mitchell getting her retaliation in first (courtesy Claire Halpin-McDonald)
47. Jon Cane (courtesy Claire Halpin-McDonald)
48. Elizabeth Parr (courtesy Claire Halpin-McDonald)
49. Sue Cameron - enjoying herself? (courtesy Claire Halpin-McDonald)
50. Andy Mitchell squashing daughter Evie - it seems (courtesy Claire Halpin-McDonald)
51. Lance Miller with daughter Daisie (courtesy Claire Halpin-McDonald)
52. Ewen Cameron and Gwylim Davies (courtesy Claire Halpin-McDonald)
53. Jodie Halpin-McDonald (courtesy Claire Halpin-McDonald)
54. Toni Dennis (courtesy Claire Halpin-McDonald)
55. How are you feeling? Woof? (Teddi and brother Ollie - courtesy Claire Halpin-McDonald)
56. Freya Thomas and Emma Lankfer (courtesy Claire Halpin-McDonald)
57. Sarah and Stella Bluck (courtesy Claire Halpin-McDonald)
58. David Blocksage with a superb snowman which looks remarkably like his creator (courtesy Claire Halpin-McDonald)