Tennis Court Construction
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Tennis Court Informal Opening

Sunday 5th December 2010


This took place at 3.00pm and we were very lucky with the weather. The cold snap lifted a little to +3C in time for our small, local opening ceremony. The main formal opening, when our donors will come along, will take place probably in April 2011 when the court is finally painted.

It was an excellent turnout, bearing in mind the temperature - 50+ people came along.

Ross Clark conducted the opening ceremony in his normal, amusingly irreverant style. He handed out the combination lock code (which is freely available to all Reach residents) and outlined the rules of use for the court.

Then the tape was cut by as many Reach children as possible . . . . and thankfully no spare fingers were found afterwards.

While all this was going on one little boy spotted cake! And after closer scrutiny found that the net was not quite as well constructed as the one on the main court.

After hurried repairs by Mummy, the Clerk was able to cut the cake . . . .

And a lovely cake it was too . . . .

Now the tennis could start properly . . . .

After that, as many people as wanted to got to hit tennis balls. The rest huddled in the cold around the excellent mulled wine provided by Jon Cane (in best Reach tradition, the alcoholic variety disappeared well in advance of the non-alcoholic one)!

Thanks go to the Tennis Court Committee for a lovely opening event.

Everyone - enjoy your tennis!