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Following the successful 24Acres Opening Event, the small team of five who carried out the main organisation of it decided to get together and form a new “Events Team”. Since then members have retired and new ones have been appointed . . . .

The team’s aims are:

  • To keep a list of the village events on the website, with dates and details, so everyone knows what is going to happen and when - and can plan accordingly

  • To organise any “special” events - now including Reach Fair

  • To fundraise for the above by creating and selling village products

The team does not want to take over any of the current events or activities – it merely wants to offer its help to the organisers.

The Events Team seeks funds when it needs to but generally tries to be self-sufficient, generating income from the sale of items and receiving donations at events.

We will be keeping you regularly informed of progress.

You can contact us by email: reacheventsteam[at]