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Our Church in Reach, pictured right, is St Etheldreda and the Holy Trinity.


The annual running costs for Reach Church are about £6,500 - however in recent years there has been a shortfall of income and we've had to draw £2,000-£3,000 from our reserves to keep the Church going. Clearly this cannot go on for ever so in order to secure the future of our Church we have set up an appeal called The Friends of Reach Church.

If you want to know more about The Friends of Reach Church please click on the link or on the Church picture on the right.


To see our Church Services, click on the link.

If you want to know more about the history of our church, click here. Please also note that if you are phoning from outside Reach our dialling code is 01638.

In Burwell, close to Reach, there is the delightful St Mary's church. A look at their website is very worthwhile - just click here.

Our people are;


    Eleanor Williams Vicar
    Frances Leadon Reader in Training
    David Bush Priest in Retirement
    Reverend David King Priest in Retirement
    Pam King Parochial Church Council Member
    Pat Chalmers Administrator
    Simon Rogers Churchwarden Burwell and Reach


The Chuch is usually open during the daylight hours and free refreshments are provided. If the Church is locked, please contact one of our keyholders (click on Keyholders Map to see where they are in the village).


  Jen Holmwood Moon and Sixpence, Chapel Lane
    Pam King Two Hoots, 14 The Hythe
    Charles Moseley Delph End Cottage, 26 Great Lane
  Jan Robinson Springhall Farm, Great Lane